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We are a process improvement firm that works with manufacturers to increase efficiency on the factory floor. 

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    What separates us from our competitors? 

    Our Mission

    Improving Flow

    As our name implies, Stream believes in developing processes that improve the flow of materials, information and people throughout the value stream. Improving flow of a process from end-to-end results in higher yields, margins and productivity.

    Eliminating Waste

    Non-value-added processes interrupt the flow of materials, information and people throughout the value stream. Wasteful activities do not add value in the eyes of the end customer while adding cost and risk, so Stream strives to eliminate wasteful activities. Saving you time and money in the long run.

    Ergo Friendly

    People make products; therefore, we must develop the people we count on the most. Stream's process is designed to engage the people who understand the processes the best and seek their input about issues and solution ideas. We include real-time feedback from your team to design processes that are easier and safer for them to perform.

    The Proof Is In the Numbers: 




    Our clients have seen an average of a 25% increase in their production throughput.


    Floor Space Requirement 

    Revised layouts yield an average of 42% reduction of square footage.


    Lead Time 


    Our clients have reduced their work-in-progress inventory by up to 81%, which in turn has saved millions of dollars.


    First Pass Yield Improvement 

    Our clients have seen up to a 73% increase first pass yield which keeps quality product flowing out the door.

    We care about your bottom line, too.

    Increasing operational efficiency and reducing waste all lead to better products, increased growth, a happier (and safer) 

    team—and most importantly, a return on your investment.

    Lean Process Improvement, Before and after at Johnson Controls Facility. Cart made with better ergonomics and safety for operators.

    Ending the Year Strong:

    “Every customer we work with has unique challenges and innovation opportunities. And every cart we help design has unique configurations and characteristics to solve specific material handling issues. The wheel.me platform allows us to design carts in a variety of configurations to meet the specific needs of the client, and that sets our innovations apart from the rest of the AMR offerings... Our Kaizen materials are already used in a wide variety of towable material handling solutions. So we have already demonstrated the ability to move heavy loads throughout a variety of facilities around the clock. The wheel.me platform integrates directly into carts that we already have in the field and we can turn towable carts into (smart or automated) carts without changing the existing design.”

            - Brad Campling, Co-Owner of Stream Innovation

    For an introduction into our partnership, see article posted by wheel_me:


    Warehouse Process Improvements made with Steel O'Brien!

    Stream’s new carton flow rack dramatically improves productivity and accuracy on the pick line, maximize SKU storage, and minimize strain on pickers.

    Before: Static pick locations from boxes. Poor space utilization, no FIFO flow, poor ergonomics, low Put-Away and low Picking efficiency.

    AFTER: Separate load and pick aisles minimize pick zone congestion improving safety and efficiency, while separate SKU lanes improve pick accuracy. Flow rack levels are adjustable to ensure ergonomic put-a-way and picking activities.

    Stream Innovation 

    Warehouse Carton Flow Rack made of steel tubes.
    Warehouse Carton Flow Rack made of steel tubes.

    On-The-Spot Innovation

    We've traveled far and wide with our Kaizen Innovation Trailer (KIT) and we'd love to show you what we can do.

    Let's schedule a time and we'll bring our KIT packed full of tools and materials that help to fuel the innovative spirit of Kaizen teams. If necessary, we can even set up a workshop in a parking lot if experimentation inside the facility is not an option.

    Fusion Designed Cart made with blue steel tubes. Holds manufacturing tools.
    Custom 2 layer cart with adjustable heights. On caster wheels. Cart made with Blue steel tubes.
    Custom Material Handling Cart to Hold parts. Blue steel tube. On casters.
    Blue steel tube cart with casters and hitch.
    3 layer flow rack cart. 6 foot in length. Uses both roller conveyor wheels and skate wheels.


    Stream's clients span a wide range of industries including manufacturing, automotive, 

    textiles & apparel, wood products, aerospace & defense, military 

    operations, distribution and professional services.

    Our Clients

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    "We're a 35 year old company and we began looking for new ways to improve our productivity, quality and consistency. We partnered with Stream and they have helped us make a huge paradigm shift in our cabinet manufacturing processes and our thinking. We are now working with Stream across our entire facility. I highly recommend consulting with Stream to improve productivity." 

    - Mail Hernandez, CEO at R.D. Henry & Company

    "Stream took a close look at five of our manufacturing facilities, each with unique processes and challenges, and developed top-to-bottom innovative solutions for multiple value streams. Then, they worked alongside our executives, middle management and shop floor personnel to completely restructure our processes to make everyone more productive. As seasoned professionals they made us think critically about our processes - and dramatically reduce our costs, lead-time and inventory."

    - David Cook, VP of Operations and Innovation at LION

    "We contracted with Stream to lead our internal team through a Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis. They provided us with an excellent outside perspective and took a careful look at our processes for flight-critical aerospace components. With Stream by our side, we were able to preform a very thorough analysis of our risks and scope improvement projects. As a result, we've been able to move into the implementation phase much faster than we could have on our own."

    - Tom Fairbank, Director of Operations at Kaman Aerospace. 

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